Shipping Company in Brunei

Besides containerised vessels, our vast experiences also enable us to handle the agency for Tug & Barge and Conventional Bulk Carrier with ease and competence. The range of cargo that we have handled includes Livestock, Cement, Crushed Rocks, Steel Deformed Bar, Steel Plate, Water Pipe and Ammunition.

In addition, as a sub-contractor to MOC Sdn. Bhd., we have served as a shipping agent to offshore installation contractors such as Elf Petroleum, France Telecom, Geco-Prakla, Harmstorf Submarine, Heeremac, Mc Dermott and Saipem Asia. Other than serving as a shipping agent, our service includes arrangement of work visas and various other labour and immigration related documentation.

Our Agencies

•    Chun An Shipping Holdings
•    Evergreen Line
•    Hatsu Marine Ltd.
•    Interglobo Transunion (SEA) Pte Ltd.
•    Italia Marittima S.p.A.
•    MTT Shipping Line
•    Round-The-World Logistics
•    Yangtze Navigation (Asia) Co. Ltd.

Shipping Company in Brunei- ARCHIPELAGO